It is a process of discovery. When you engage Megaphone Studios to create solutions that work for you, we proactively seek to discover what your goals are and how we can best fulfill them. We must know what it is that you understand when you are thinking of your objectives being met.

There is so much to know with each new client and project. What are the needs and have we properly culled those from the desires for the project? Can we prioritize the desires so that we can add some within the given schedule? What assumptions are being made by Megaphone Studios and by the client? What else has been tried and what was the result? What is the full history of the effort? How can we avoid jumping to conclusions?

Another crucial aspect that is often overlooked is the culture of a client. We respect the culture that we operate in and always work to frame issues properly in that light. This will include finding who are the key players and what are the sensitive issues. Knowing a culture and respecting it can often be the key to a successful project.

Lastly, Megaphone Studios will seek to define systems contexts and appreciating the risks that may lie ahead so we can mitigate them before we start.

Ultimately, all of this comes down to thoughtful communication. Connections must be made with those you are working with, knowledge must be shared, and a common understanding must be had. We are deeply aware of this, and it is a key to our success.

Let's talk about how Megaphone Studios can work with you to resolve your needs together.