We rarely think about it, but every physical object we come into contact with has history and context. It may not be apparent but it is there. Understanding this is key to understanding Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality uses the information about the physical world we live in as a foundation and adds a digital experience to it which we can interact with. The history and context of the real, physical world can be used as a tool in the digital experience to provide richness unavailable before.

We already see Augmented Reality in our entertainment such as watching sports on television when broadcasters add a digital line of scrimmage and yards needed for a first down to the field of play to a football game. Heads up displays in automobiles are also good example of early stage use of Augmented Reality.

As technology continues to mature, it is now feasible to mix Augmented Reality with geolocation, recognition and tracking technologies, and the numbers of possibilities of what can be achieved are exploding. Soon, there will be hundreds of business, utility and educational applications of Augmented Reality as savvy business are moving forward and taking advantage of the possibilities.

Some possibilities are:
Sales applications that can move sale forward by allowing customers to see projects & products placed in the environment before they are even started.

Training tools that can be used for life-like work scenarios or complex equipment that can provide a training experience that is very near "hands-on".

Shopping experiences made relevant in the digital age by delivering information to customers who can scan individual products and see the product information and ratings by others, store aisles which will highlight only the specific products that the customer desires, or even city streets when viewed will pop-up new and interesting places or menus for restaurants that are within the customers preferences.

Discovery of new products, places, and experiences will be interactive and seamless.

There are so many opportunities. Megaphone Studios is ready to help you envision what is possible and we will design and develop the reality for your business where it makes sense.