Computing technology has become ever present and more usable. All the while, the technology behind what a user sees is becoming dramatically more complex in an ever more diverse technology ecosystem. There are computing systems still in operation and driving business operations that have not substantially changed in 30 years. Simultaneously computing systems are advancing and evolving at such a rate that the developments sometimes seem to be the stuff of science fiction.

In parallel, technology is fundamentally changing the way people interact with their environments, communities, and knowledge with distributed and collaborative platforms. Businesses are trying to keep pace with the changes in technology, and are now constantly struggling to keep up with customers, employees, and competitors. The lines between consumer and enterprise level technology are beginning to blur. It is easy for understanding to become misunderstanding.

Megaphone Studios leverages a deep understanding of the technological challenges, a forward-looking understanding of the possibilities, and a grasp of the necessity to design technology for proper interactions with the people and other technologies that use them. With this as our basis we seek to understand the needs of the people and organizations who engage us. Using a carefully planned approach, we then employ various tools and techniques to co-create solutions -- solutions that fit. Fit the need, fit the platform, and fit the culture.