Keeping up with new technologies is difficult. Consumers and employees now have access to a flow of technologies that are continuously evolving or being newly created. This generates a system that is constantly transforming with new ways to engage, interact and communicate. How can a company keep up? Resources are finite and it takes time to plan well.

While many companies struggle to launch mobility projects, there are others that are implementing mobile technologies and finding a way to keep pace. They are leveraging mobile in the enterprise and are building a solid foundation for innovation and a means to keep pace with future change. Megaphone Studios can help.

Megaphone Studios is an essential part of mobility strategy. We can help you create a deep integration of your IT and mobile efforts and make sure that your solutions work. We understand that fundamentally, enterprise mobility is as much a business strategy as it is an IT strategy. We can help you negotiate the ambiguity that often comes with trying to make decisions necessary to ensure a successful mobility strategy. And we can help you negotiate the difficult challenges of security, data storage, authentication, deployment, support, and management issues inherent in integrating mobile technologies in the enterprise framework.

From assessment and planning through deployment, from cross platform to native, through the alphabet soup of MDM, MAM, BYOD we make sure that every element of the process works to achieve your goals.