The hypercompetitive business environment of the world we live in demands invention and innovation. In such a world, sometimes technologies come along that seem to be fantastic remedies that are suited to our needs. The cloud is one such technology.

But, there is nothing magical about the cloud. In the end, cloud computing is still just computing. Often times the cloud is being over sold as an enchanted dreamlike technology that can alleviate all your organizational woes and will remove concerns about cost, reliability, security, and regulation. There are significant advantages to using the cloud, but it is not magic.

As with anything in business, planning and proper execution will go a long way toward making an implementation of cloud computing a benefit for your organization.

Megaphone Studios can help you focus on organizational fitness and develop criteria for deciding which activities and functions to migrate to the cloud, conclude whether or not you want to create a private cloud or use a hybrid cloud, understand your choices and decide on cloud storage and cloud security. Megaphone will partner with you to define the roles and responsibilities in the IT and business related to the cloud. We will facilitate the development a governance plan and an integration plan.

With the right cloud strategy is in place, an organization will be well positioned to take advantage of cloud computing and the advantages it offers. Accessibility from a variety of devices, efficiencies created by a pooling of resources, significant scalability both up and down, speed and ease of provisioning, pay-as-you-go resource allocation, rapid implementation, agility in deployment and distribution are rich incentives that can be breathtaking and even amazing. Megaphone Studios is ready to assist you in realizing them.