- "HH4 Mobile Training Solution" for low-cost remote training of sales force in the field on their hand-held devices.

- "HH4 Mobile Training Video Solution" developed to support managed playback of training videos on hand-held devices.

- "DSL Calendar Activity Tool" developed to scan Exchange server calenders to track compliance of sales force activities and supports iPad based CRM.

- "Method Expert Tool Analysis Tool" developed to collect and analyze data from windows mobile devices running the Method Expert Tool.

- "MET Android Platform Conversion and Architecture" in-depth proposal, design, and architecture created for a working-group exploring options in mobile training solutions.

- "Module Allocation Tool" for management and optimization of product picking.

- Chester Cheetah advertising-based game mockup.

American Water Surveyors

- "Ecommerce website.”

Heartland Payment Systems

- Credit card processing Android app (on Android Market)

Atmos Energy

- QR code "virtual tour" museum/training iOS/iPad App.

Calamity Gym

- iPad-based virtual workout video and social networking iOS/iPad App.


- Windows based Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) provisioning application for GT1 mobile device.


- iPad-based e-contract app.

Various iPhone/iPad/Android games developed in-house, including a music-based game destined for the App Store soon.