It's very frustrating. You decide that a solution will be great for your business and spend time, money, and goodwill on it and in the end, you end up with something that if it works at all, it only works marginally. You listened to the hype and the promise, but the reality creates new challenges when you thought you were going to get results.

Megaphone Studios owes its very existence to this fact. Too often we have felt this very frustration, and we thought it was time that there is an alternative. We created Megaphone Studios so that we could offer solutions that work and that is what we do.

It is not easy. Saying that you offer solutions that work is easy, but delivering on that statement is much harder. It means you have to work harder than the other guys. It means you must be thoughtful in discovering the needs of the customer, and sometimes guiding them to another vendor because you can't provide what they need. It means a level of thoroughness and digging into the details that is difficult and painstaking.

If you want solutions instead of hype, and something that works instead of a promise, we would like to help you. Let Megaphone Studios help you begin the process of discovery so that together we can work to answer your most pressing needs and challenges.